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E2 Browser 2.0

Browse the web using Internet Explorer's engine
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Web browser with a multi-tabbed interface and inbuilt pop-up blocking capabilities. The tool embeds the Media Player, so it can play movies and videos from online sources.

E2 Browser is a smart web browser that uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer engine. E2 Browser allows the user not only to surf the web, but also to do a number of other things. Maybe its best feature is that it has a built-in Media Player, which allows you to watch movies and video clips while surfing the Internet.

The browser's interface is quite simple. Clips and movies appear in the corner of the browser while you are surfing. There is an option to organize your video clips, images, and music in playlists. The other options available are common to standard web browsers: tabbed browsing, cleaning temporary Internet files, cache and cookies, adding favorites, etc. E2 Browser actually can open as many tabs as you wish, which is a great advantage. There is also an option to suppress script errors, which is also common in other browsers. The download of this browser is completely free, but you will need to have an Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or greater installed on your computer in order to use it.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Built-in media player
  • Suppressing of script errors
  • Option for collecting various files


  • Needs IE in order to run
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